Cem Topcam

Net Natives

Born in London to Scottish and Turkish parents, Cem Topcam knows a thing or two about communicating across cultures. He’s the Head of Copy and Content at Net Natives, where – in between copious coffee consumption – he helps study brands find their narrative thread, amplify their stories and take bigger, bolder leaps with their tone of voice.

Cem will co-present the following conference session:
Rebranding: Collaboration and Co-creation – The Swedish Way

12:00 - 12:45

Friday 29 October

Rebranding: Collaboration and Co-creation – The Swedish Way

Study in Sweden recently completed an ambitious brand development project with a bold vision to stand out in a busy international student marketplace. Rebranding a country as a study destination is hard work, even more so when it entails a disruptive and provocative approach that’s new to the education space.

Study in Sweden, Net Natives and Chalmers University of Technology - a Swedish university deeply involved in the process -, walk you through the rebrand - and share lessons learned and mistakes made (yes we pushed too far sometimes, OK maybe multiple times).