Guus Goorts

Google Ads & SEO Specialist

Guus Goorts helps Higher Education Institutions take control of their online marketing through hands-on e-courses.

He believes that international experiences can make the world a better place. After an exchange, he lived in Singapore for 10 years and founded a study portal site for language schools.
Currently based in the Netherlands, he has run SEO and paid search campaigns for institutions like British Council, MDIS and Avans University.

He believes that HEIs need to deeply understand their online marketing, even if they plan to outsource it. That's also the idea behind his book: Successful student recruitment with Google Ads.

14:15 - 14:45

Friday 14 October

Best practices for Google Ads

So what's up with using Google Ads for student recruitment? Some marketers love the channel for bringing the data allowing to fine tune student recruitment, others have been burned.

In the end, it's about much more than just applying the latest new ad type or bidding strategy. It takes learning quickly by getting the right feedback, and knowing which fights to get into and when to bow out.